Mobile Personal Trainer in Vancouver and In-Home Personal Training by certified personal trainers who come to you saving you time and money!

  • “Jordan, you are a very special fitness trainer, and as people say, “you are flexible and focused on me your client needs for every minute of the time we have together.” I started playing organized sports at 11 years old in New Westminster, I represented our city, province and our country Canada with much dedication, passion and love for what sports can do for a persons life. You have awoken something up inside my 71 and 8 months old body again, and I thank you for that. A new friend in Keith Scott, Beachcomber Hot Tubs Founder in 1978.”
    Beachcomber Hot Tubs, Written By Keith Scott, President & Owner

  • “Awesome intense workout! I love the fact that they come to your work and offer the classes here. Great variety, exercises are well explained and you definitely feel it the next day. Highly recommend!”
    Sierra Wireless, Written By Rosemary W.

  • “Our company recently started offering one weekly Tabata class taught by Jordan Robertson, and it has been a huge hit! It is the first time we’ve done this at the office, and engagement levels are high. Not only is Jordan punctual every week, he is professional, organized, and has a way of motivating the group to push our limits. He keeps the class going strong for the full hour and has the best music playing all through the workout. He has been very accommodating when we’ve had scheduling conflicts and we appreciate it. Pricing is also very reasonable for group classes. Looking forward to tougher workouts!”
    Absolute Software Corporation, Written By Fiona H.

  • “Trainer is very professional! Our office hired Fortress Mobile Fitness to come in once a week for training and it is a great activity for team build, reduce stress and get everyone fit! The trainer brought in all the proper work out equipment and we get the result event in a small space. I have asked the trainer to come to my apartment building for personal training section as well, very friendly, professionally set up the program for my personal fit needs, flexible and very reasonable price as well! I’d recommend them to all organizations and individuals”
    Coromandel Properties, Written By Liang F.

  • “Jordan is great. He is SUPER Professional and very well versed in alternatives to various workouts. He works to target the areas you want to work on most as well as trying to make you stronger overall. He is very flexible (with notice) and understands that life happens. We’ve been working with him for a few months now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, his motivation and tactics are just what we have been needing to hit our fitness goals.”
    Marketplace Events Written By Stephanie G.

  • “Been working with Jordan for two months. Always brings a positive attitude and pushes to get the most out of our time. Just renewed for another 20 sessions!”
    TopTable Group Written By Danny G

  • “Jordan is excellent! He caters the workouts to what you are working towards, keeps changing it up so you don’t get bored, and is overall a positive and motivating force! Very responsive and easy to schedule changes. I am noticing results and feel stronger and stronger as each week goes by!”
    Dr. Nijjar (Medical Docator)

  • “Hands down the best. I have tried different trainers plenty of times and could never stay motivated. Jordan is passionate about personal training and loves to be there with you. On top of that he comes to YOU!!! This guy truly knows what he is doing and takes his job serious and is professional yet he has a great attitude and sense of humour. He can modify a work out to my energy level and always finds a way to keep me motivated and get a good work out. If you come across these reviews don’t be skeptic. I was at first but no regrets. He is now also training my wife and have I referred him to friends and colleagues as I saw very quick results. Jordan you are the man!”
    Dr. D. (Dentist, North Burnaby)

  • “flexible hours, flexible location, great workouts. Can’t ask for anything more!”
    Paul K. CSO (Innovative Targeting Solutions)

  • “Jordan is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Trainer. He exhibits a positive attitude that rubs off on other people. His demeanor is friendly and outgoing – all the qualities that make him a great Personal Trainer!”
    Marie P. B.Sc. (Kinesiologist)

  • “Jordan is very friendly and does his very best to cater to what your fitness goals are. He is very flexible with when to meet up and I personally found that the workouts are more of a desire than a chore. Highly recommend!”
    Chris C. (Financial Analyst)

  • “If anyone is looking for a great personal trainer we would like to recommend Jordan Robertson. We first met Jordan at a gym where we were both members. As relative newbies to the gym and the equipment we were impressed with the routines and programs Jordan provided for us to begin our personal training workouts. Time passed and we moved to a condo complex with a great gym but we needed the guidance and programing that only a personal trainer can provide. We immediately thought of Jordan and found out that he was doing personal training with clients in their own homes. Jordan was thorough in assessing our goals and creating routines for us and with his background in kinesiology he keeps us working hard but safely towards our personal fitness goals. Jordan really takes the ‘personal’ in personal training seriously, and more than just a trainer he’s an excellent motivator and coach.”
    Mark M. (ICBC)

  • “Jordan is an amazing trainer. He took his time with me, and even helped me to fight my battle with nicotine. He’s knowledgeable, great with people, and also an amazing value. Thanks for everything!!!”
    Matt T. (Model, Film Producer)

  • “Jordan is a great trainer! He is very attentive and intuitive when it comes to designing a fitness program that is tailored to my needs and energy level everytime. I highly recommend him.”
    Sanchia W. (Costumes, Film and Television)

  • “I hired Karalee Boschung for a one hour dietitian consultation and was helped greatly in both understanding how diet affects my health and how to achieve my goals for both weight loss and better healthy eating. My consultation was over Skype and conveniently scheduled around my life. The consultation was followed up with a consultation report of everything we discussed including a strategy to accomplish my own goals.”
    Norm D. (Pastor)

  • “Jordan was my personal trainer for almost a year and I was very impressed with the variety of his personalized programs, and very happy with the results. Jordan’s professionalism and attentiveness gave me the confidence and ability to work towards my goal and also kept my interest in a regular fitness routine. He is extremely personable and took every aspect of my health into consideration with my training. Jordan pushed me to do a bit more each time, and encouraged me every step of the way. I would definitely recommend Jordan to anyone looking for personal results without having to go to a crowded gym. He is the perfect trainer for those living in a building with a gym. He incorporates everything available to you and also brings along a few additional pieces of equipment that he feels will benefit your program. He also makes sure you know how to use each piece of equipment properly and safely. Jordan is professional, attentive, energetic and personable and makes you feel comfortable and confident under his training and supervision.”
    Teresa B. (Manager, Administrative Services)

  • “Jordan is a very kind well mannered person. He showed up 10 min before each appointment to set up his gear. He uses your work out equipment, and also can bring his own. I like the mobile aspect of training. His work out routines are very flexible, and I accomplished my goals in a very short time. He is very knowledgeable in creating a work out routine that suits your individual needs. I highly recommend him as a trainer. Jordan’s pricing is also very reasonable and worthwhile. Thanks again Jordan!”
    David H. (Tattoo Artist)

  • “My girlfriend and I have been training with Jordan for the last couple of months, and we are already seeing great results.He provides a positive and supportive atmosphere that allows us to focus on improvement. We both have different set of injuries/problem areas, and Jordan builds our training program based on our individual needs. In the short period of time that he has been working with us, we have seen a lot of improvements in our overall fitness. He’s attentive and is always making adjustments in the program as needs arise. He is great at providing good motivation and pushing you to do better. We are really happy with all his work and dedication! And we love his always energetic and positive attitude, he will always always always bring good vibes into your workout session!”
    Steve D. (Platform Engineer)

  • “I needed a plan that could maximize the few pieces of equipment I have while still providing a comprehensive workout. I was surprised as to the efficacy of the workout. The different movements create a dynamic and full body workout that left my body challenged but still kept my joints pain free. Jordan was born to personal train, he naturally desires to push and encourage you to help you realize and reach your fullest potential.”
    Jared G. (Engineer)

  • “Jordan Robertson did a great job teaching me how to do squats, deadlifts, barbell rows, bench press, hand-cleans, and shoulder presses. He always gives positive feedback and encourages you to make sure that your body quits before the mind. Anyone who is struggling to weight lift or feels insecure about not gaining any muscle strength should see Jordan!”
    Michael P. (Sylvan Learning Center)

  • “Jordan’s energy level is always high and positive. He brings so much more to the table than just any trainer-trainee relationship would entail. We have so much fun during our sessions and you can tell, he knows his stuff! Training with Jordan has been one of my greatest pleasures in my fitness journey :)”
    Joanne W. (Insurance Broker)

  • “Working Jordan has been awesome. He’s been really accommodating to our schedule. The fact that he’s always early is awesome too. Jordan’s a super positive guy, and really encouraging when he’s putting you through an intense workout! I had also suffered a pretty significant shoulder injury when I was younger – Jordan was very great about build a program with the injury in mind, which showed me that he actually paid attention to his clients. Really happy with the initial results, and will continue to train with Jordan.”
    Austin W. (R2P Group Inc)